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English Paper Piecing – How to sew a hexie flower

For the #digiskillshare I thought I’d share how to hand sew a hexie flower using a traditional quilting method known as English Paper Piecing.

Find and print off a set of hexagon templates. There are lots available online for free and they come in various sizes. I prefer the hexagons that are 2inches across and 1 inch on each side.IMG_5106

Cut a piece of fabric just slightly bigger than your hexagon template.IMG_5107

Fix the fabric to the template with a basting stitch (a loose stitch that will eventually be removed), fold over one edge at a time, secure in place and move around each side of the hexagon template until the fabric covers the template and you have a distinct hexagon shape. You will be stitching right through the fabric and the paper template! I use a thread that I’m unlikely to use for anything else but any thread colour would be fine.

Repeat this process with six more hexagon templates. You may want to use completely different fabrics for each hexagon. To achieve the “flower” look, I use the same fabric for the six outer hexagons but a contrasting one for the central hexagon.
Join your hexagons together using a ladder stitch or a whip stitch. Use a neutral thread for this.
IMG_5111   IMG_5112    IMG_5113
Repeat this step until all six outer hexagons are sewn in place around the central hexagon.
Then join up the sides of each outer hexagon.
IMG_5114   IMG_5115
At this point you could remove the basting stitch from the central hexagon and remove the paper template.
There you have one completed hexie flower!

Make a whole bunch of these and join them together to make a cushion or even start your own completely hand sewn quilt!



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